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Thursday, June 16, 2005



      Technology Review has no idea why bloggers attack the MSM, and is determined not to find out.
  • Their remarks about the superiority of "journalism" to "bloging" are distinguished by being delusionak, literally out of touch with reality.

At length:

      Over at Technology Review (hat tip: Juan non-Volokh), they begin a story by saying:
      Bloggers like to deride MSM (the mainstream media, in their lingo) for not “getting it.” To avoid some of the sarcasm endemic to the new medium, we declare up front: Technology Review gets it. In fact, we love blogs so much that technologyreview.com is in part a blog site: we publish some of our most popular writers on blogs.

      Sorry, guys, all you've done is demonstrate you don't get it.

      Try repeating, aloud, for an hour a day, this phrase: 'Maybe the bloggers are right to deride us.  Maybe we're hopelessly inept at our jobs.  And maybe, just maybe, people who don't know how to do their jobs deserve to be derided.'

      And by the time they get to the end of the page, they're delusional.  I mean that literally -- what they're talking about no connection with reality.  They write about the MSM indulging in:
sober debate among colleagues, followed by reporting, line editing, copyediting, legal vetting, and fact checking.

      You want to outline the "sober debate," that concluded that the U.S. military is deliberately killing journalists in Iraq.  Or the fact checking that led to the judgment that the Rathergate memos were authentic?

      The title of the article, by the way, is "Mean Media."  We bloggers are "vindictive" people who form "digital mobs," and run journalists out of town because -- because, in the examples they give, they aren't even close to reporting the facts.

      Pathetic.  Learn to read, clowns.  Then maybe you'll figure out why we don't like you.



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