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Monday, June 27, 2005

Thank the Troops

      Recently, some service people in the Sandbox have begun to wonder if we support them.

      This led a Lt. Col. Mope to set up a campaign to write them letters, thanking them for their work.  Send them to rottmope@yahooDIESPAMBOTSfnordDIE.com, with naturally the ALL CAPS part and word within them deleted, and they'll be forwarded.  And thanks to Emperor Misha for promoting this.

      Here's my first one:

For any soldier, sailor, airman or marine in Iraq:

        I just want you to know that this fat, fifty-two year old resident of a blue state appreciates what you're doing for us.

        I write about this on my political blog, you work and sweat and risk your lives.  There's no comparison.

        I've been told that you don't believe the public supports you.  Well, most of them do.  There is a group of people in the States I think of as traitors, who want to see you lose.  Many of them are in the Main Stream Media, and they slant the news to push things toward defeat.

        But it hasn't worked.  With the elections in Iraq, and the creation of an Iraqi military that is increasingly willing to fight, we're past the "tipping point."  We will win in Iraq.

        I know you will do your duty.  I just want to tell you: don't lose heart, don't lose hope, don't think we fail to appreciate what you do.  We love you for your courage and sacrifice, and we'll honor it.  And we will 'stick it' till the end.

Stephen M.
St. Onge




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