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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"We Shoot Ourselves in the Leg, For Your Amusment"

      Jim Hoft and Michelle Malkin nail Ceci Connolly on her lies about troops murdering prisoners, with an assist from Trey Jackson.  (Hat tip, Instapundit.)

  • Three fourths of prisoner deaths were natural causes, deaths during riots and attacks by the prisoners, or caused by the terrorist forces themselves.

  • Of the about 26 remaining, at least eight are still under investigation.

  • Three deaths were ruled first degree murder, thirteen to sixteen have resulted in lesser charges.

  • The U.S. military is policing itself, while many in the MSM continue to commit treason (and I use that word prepense, and advisedly.)

In Depth:

      First Fox News, in an effort to be "fair and balanced," hires Ceci Connelly as a contributor.  Then, Connolly says U.S. troops have murdered "close to 100 prisoners."  So, Gateway Pundit investigates, and finds 27 suspected homicides, in 24 "incidents," of which 16 incidents are confirmed, and 8 still under investigation.  Then, Michelle Malkin writes Connolly, gets a response, does some research of her own, and finds only 23 cases being:
      "investigated as involving criminal homicide or abuse by U.S. personnel." Among those 23, just 3 were explicitly attributed to murder, with the rest still under investigation or involving lesser charges such as dereliction of duty, maltreatment, and involuntary manslaughter. (By the way, the U.S. Army, Navy, and other government agencies were able to provide this information to the ACLU because, unlike the ACLU, ahem, they did not shred these sensitive records.)
and Brit Hume sums it up as 29 due to accident or natural causes, 22 to attacks by the insurgents on Abu Ghraib, 20 justifiable homicides by the U.S. in riots and such, 26 investigated as criminal homicide.

      Let's look at those drive-in totals: of the 26 investigated, 3 ruled deliberate murder, the others in which investigation is completed ruled involuntary manslaughter, abuse, or dereliction of duty.  Deaths due to U.S. actions overestimated by a factor of two, possiblly unjustified killings by a factor of four, known homicides or abuses by a factor of five, 1st degree murders by a factor of 33 -- and those last two figures assume all charges against the accused personnel stand.

      Connolly's response to Malkin was -- interesting:
      We know more than 100 deaths of detainees have been investigated.
      This is either deliberately untrue or so out of context as to border on lyinging.  I'm sure routine autopsies were done on the 22 killed by terrorist mortar attacks, while the natural deaths and justified homicides were probably routine checks of usually clear situations.
      Not that many have been ruled homicides to date.
  Translated into English, "not that many" equals 'one out of five or six.'
      My larger point however was that the United States has committed serious violations with respect to prisoner abuse (Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca, Baghram)
      Note how we switched from 'people killed' to 'abuse.'  Magicians call this 'misdirection.'
      and that those episode hurt the nation's credibility.
      And the evidence anyone read the facts (as distinguished from what you falsely claimed were the facts, and thereafter found the U.S. less credible is . . . ?

      Apparently, many members of the MSM don't care at all if they are accurate anymore, and are willing to gamble their credibility in order to bad-mouth the troops and undercut the war effort.

      Kudos to Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin for getting the facts, a pat on the back to Trey Jackson for giving us a video link, and a slightly positive score to Fox News for correcting her lies.



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