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Friday, June 24, 2005

Why ARE Today's Democrats So Dumb?


      Once, about to undergo an operation and drugged to remove fear, Isaac Asimov suddenly said to his surgeon:

          Doctor, doctor, in your green coat;
          Doctor, doctor, cut my throat!
          And when you've cut it, doctor,
          Won't you sew it up again?

      The Democratic Party is now reciting this to Dr. Karl Rove, but they're leaving off the last two lines.

At Length:

      It used to be that you could at least count on the Donkey Party to show some basic political savvy, with many of their politicians being brilliant.  Republicans may have hated Roosevelt and Truman, but they didn't accuse them of being bad on the campaign trail.

      But now, Karl Rove says the response of "liberals" to terrorism was "prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers," and the Democratic Party morons charge into the trap.

      If I were a Democratic politician, or a liberal activist, I'd say nothing unless asked.  If I were asked, I'd say "Well, I never said anything like that, and neither did the Democratic Party.  I think Karl's off his meds, or something."  If examples of MoveOn and International ANSWER were brought up, I'd laugh and say "Well, if that's liberalism, then I'm not a liberal.  But hey, it was a fund raising speech for the Conservative Party.  You shouldn't expect it to make any sense."

      Instead, the Democrats are making a big deal of this, and publicly calling for Rove to resign, thus making sure the news media will cover it, and let Rove et Cie bring up examples of loony Democrats who sounded squishy on terrorism, and REALLY loony activists (Moore, Soros, Chomsky) who blamed America, and the Dems will be tarred with the soft-on-our-enemies brush some more.

      This is so elementary that I can't see how anyone can miss it, but I've yet to read a Democratic or liberal comment that gets it.  "Oh, Mr. Donkey, please don't throw me in front of those cameras over there!"

      No wonder we don't have a responsible Opposition Party.  They're all fools.

      As a man whose biggest political regret is that I never got to cast a vote for Harry Truman, this is truly distressing.



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