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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Kos is Wrong, as Usual

     Daily Kos has missed the obvious, thrice in one post.  Some sensible liberals and some conservatives get him on two of the errors, but they all miss the third.

  • Kos said the London attacks prove Bush's 'flypaper' strategy isn't working.

  • Kos's first mistake is to think that Bush intended to create 'flypaper.'

  • Kos's second mistake is thinking that if the strategy isn't working perfectly, it isn't working at all.

  • Kos's third mistake is confusion about how counter-terrorism works.

  • What we really need is to intensify and supplement the efforts that have worked so far.

At Length:

      I don't think anyone ever accused Kos of having all his marbles, and his post about the London mass murders proves it (though I have to give him this, he does call the perpetrators terrorists.).

      Kos thinks that we should have "finished" the job in Afghanistan, instead of letting al-Qaida "rebuild and reorganize," thus "swell[ing] its ranks."  But the first person known to have articulated the 'flypaper' strategy, Austin Bay, pointed out that it was happening in Afghanistan.  And how were we supposed to finish the job in Afghanistan?  The al-Qaida bigs fled to Pakistan when we invaded.

      Kos also assumes that the net number of terrorists is higher than if we'd concentrated on Afghanistan, and ignored Iraq.  Evidence?  Kos criticizes Bush morally for attempting to lure terrorists to Iraq, but ignores the fact that his, Kos's, strategy would have lured them to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      Iraq was invaded to prevent Saddam from supplying weapons of mass destruction to terrorists, and to provide a base of operations in the mid-East that wasn't Saudi Arabia.  It did the first, it's doing the second.

      Kos's argument concerning the 'flypaper' strategy is that if it works at all, it will work perfectly -- there won't be any terrorist attacks in the Western world.  The Moderate Voice, Dean Esmay, and Like You Really Care point out the fallacy in that.  No reason that al-Qaida couldn't hit more than one country at a time.  The Islamofascist terrorist network is diffuse, and the parts operate separately.

      Kos ignores the question of what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq.  Cadillac Tight notes that it would just encourage the terrorists, by making them think they're winning.

      Kos's biggest blunder is to assume that because it happened in London, that means it can happen here.  But we don't know one way or the other.

      To stop terrorists, you have to go after their organization and its leaders.  Kos is right about that.  That means, bluntly, spying on Muslims, finding the ones who are sympathizers, and then arresting or shooting them.  It's rather like counter-intelligence work, and it can't be handled by 'respecting the civil liberties' of those who want to kill us.  Thus, the US PATRIOT act.

      And since the passage of the Patriot act, we have had no known terrorist incidents in the U.S., with the exception of the New Jersey snipers.  We haven't had them killing over here.  LONDON, MADRID, BALI, AND AUSTRALIA ARE NOT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It happened there, no here.  I love our allies for sticking with us, but their citizens’ security when abroad is not our responsibility, and neither is their internal security.  Britain should have been hunting for illegal aliens and deporting them; hunting for Islamofascist immigrant subjects, stripping them of British citizenship, and deporting them; hunting for native born Islamofascists, and imprisoning them; and executing those attempting terrorism.  It didn't want to be the kind of country that does these sorts of things, and it paid the price.

      Of course, we probably need to be taking similar measures.  But we have done enough to stop them so far, most likely.  And the thousands of Islamofascists who enter Iraq to fight our troops are not available to infiltrate the U.S. and the U.K.  So, on balance, the 'flypaper strategy' seems to be working.  It needs to be complimented with intensified counter-intel, and supplemented with better border control.

      Hat tip to Instapundit.



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