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Thursday, July 07, 2005

MSM Ignorance and Bullshitting

      A few days ago, I mentioned I'd learned from the media that George Washington was a Terrorist.  Brian Williams says we misunderstood him.

      This is very important information.  It shows that Brian Williams is not an apologist for murderers.  It shows that he is, instead, an ignoramus who shoots his mouth off without thinking or getting the facts.  He also demonstrates the most important method of generating news and opinion: make up stuff.

  • The British didn't accuse Washington of terrorism, because they knew what terror means.

  • Williams doesn't.  He thinks its just a word to show strong disapproval of someone: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

  • If he'd bothered to find out anything about his subject before hand, he'd have known he was making a truly idiotic remark.

  • The fact that he didn't shows the methodology of the MSM: blather ignorantly, and expect to be trusted.

  • Williams displays other ignorance, claiming the point was something about
    popular support within Iran for those who acted against the U.S. and are now in positions of power.
      In support of this, he links to another entry on their blog, which says nothing about popular support, but does say that "several" people at an editorial meeting agreed with him.

  • Williams says he's
    spent a lifetime reading and loving American history.

    but apparently he doesn't actually remember it.

  • And nowhere does he say, I'm sorry, 'I was wrong.'

  • Brian, this is why we don't trust you: you're ignorant, you're arrogant, you make stuff up, you don't know how to communicate, and you never learn anything from your mistakes.




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