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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The MSM's Idea of Debate

      Mark Yost criticized the MSM's coverage of Iraq.  He said that when he was in the Navy, the reporting on SE Asia born no resemblence to what he saw firsthand.  He also said that he gets lots of letters from military friends in Iraq, and they say the same thing.  He isn't surprised that most military people hate the press.

      Stephen Lovelady of The Columbia Journalism Review Daily writes Romenesko and says Yost "turned on his colleagues," and must be wrong because he disagrees with other reporters!  DUH!  That was the point of Yost's story.  Lovelady sics other journalists on Yost, and they oblige.

      So Jeff Jarvis says he thinks Yost has a point, believes Lovelady didn't answer Yost's points, and invites the two of them to debate the issue on Buzzmachine.

      Lovelady responded with three e-mails to Jarvis.  The first repeats Lovelady's claim that Yost is wrong.  The second indulges in ad hominem, and hopes Yost will be fired on Monday.  The third calls Jarvis an "intellectually dishonest schmuck" because Jarvis isn't satisfied with Lovelady's first two responses.

      At no time does Lovelady quote Yost's criticisms, and then link to articles that contradict Yost's claims.

      What's really scary is, I think Lovelady is sincere.  I believe he truly thinks he refuted Yost by asserting that Yost is wrong, noting that Yost isn't in Iraq (though Yost's military sources are, a point Lovelady never mentions), waving the 'reporters get shot at in Iraq, so that proves they're telling the truth' flag, and triumphantly pointing out that many reporters disagree with Yost.

      Shut down the journalism schools, and force would-be reporters to take law school classes on evidence and logic.



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