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Friday, July 01, 2005

Stunning Hypocrisy


      Time, Inc. and The New York Times have been ordered to turn over information to a grand jury.  Time will comply, but The NY Times takes the position, 'heads I win, tail it doesn't count.'

At Length:

      The hypocrisy of the MSM reaches new heights.

      The media want the protection of the laws.  They invoke the First Amendment whenever they are threatened.  Now, a case goes against them, and their argument is 'Who cares, we are ethically obliged to disobey.'

      The New York Times is making noises about refusing to comply with the court's order to reveal certain sources to the Grand Jury investigating the Plame leak.  It's more important than the law, they said.  They gave their word, and that's that.

      I have some respect for that argument.  But note that the Times, and Time, Inc., argued their case in the courts.  If the courts had agreed with them, they'd have accepted the judicial systems authority without hesitation, and crowed about their vindication.

      If their ethical principles are more important than the law, then they had no business appealing the judge's order in the first place.  If they'd just have said, 'I gave my word, and that's it.  Send me to jail if you like,' they would have been worthy of respect.

      Instead, having appealed to the legal system, and lost, something anyone familiar with the law would have told them was almost certain, the MSM whine about how badly they're being treated, how unfair it is to be ordered to obey the law.  But next time they figure they can benefit from the law, they won't hesitate to appeal to it.

      The Times that won't obey the courts, on principle, is the same paper that will be getting a new headquarters soon because the Supreme Court ruled that private property could be seized by the government and turned over to other private parties.  That law they'll insist be obeyed.

      And lest we forget, the MSM caused the story.  They were the ones who ran the news that Joe Wilson's wife, Vallery Plame, was a CIA agent.  They were the ones who acted shocked, SHOCKED, that a CIA agent's identity had been revealed (by them) and demanded that the Administration track down the lawbreakers within it who'd leaked Plame's name.

      So the Administration appointed a special prosecutor, and last October he ran into a brick wall.  He couldn't go forward without the information from the reporters.  Suddenly, the Plame incident wasn't a great crime after all.  Nothing should be done.  Let the reporters walk.

      Of course, once the reporters did walk, the MSM would have jumped all over the Administration, screaming 'COVERUP!'  They obviously never expected the investigation to produce any information.  It was just a club to beat Bush with.  Oops!

      Time Inc. showed some class.  Having lost, they said they disagree with the decision, but since they take advantage of the federal courts to protect themselves, they are now obliged to obey.  Bravo, Time!

      But the "Old Grey Lady" can go to Hell.



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