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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Possibly Good News

      88% of Iraqis say they will vote on the new constitution in October.  So there's a chance for a legitimate government there that can ask us to go home.

      This constitution has a lot of people upset, because it's not something they would like to live under.  The role of Islam is especially upsetting to these types.  But note that:
      As to the question of Islam being a main source of legislation. 42% support having Islam being the main source of legislation. 24% support having Islam be the only source of legislation. 13% support not having any law which conflicts with Islam. 14% support having Islam being only one of many sources of legislation, not the only one.

      That's a solid 79% who want Islam to have a special relation to the law, and 85% of those who expressed an opinion.  You can't have anything resembling a democratic government that's also secular when 79% of the population opposes the idea.

      It's also worth noting that the language in Iraq's draft constitution is close to that of Afghanistan, which hasn't been taken over by religious fanatics.  Also, 84% of Iraqis polled support full legal equality for women.  That also tends to show a lack of fanaticism.

      I'm tentatively hopeful.



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