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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Anchoress Does It Again

        Bill Clinton was on TV over the weekend, claiming that Bush was no good.  This is mostly a *BIG YAWN* moment, but The Anchoress produced a great post about the ex-President, one very much worth reading.

        One of the things The Anchoress mentions is Clinton's wish to be a 'great' President, and his expressed regrets that nothing happened during his term that would allow him to demonstrate greatness.  As The Anchoress points out, this is bosh.  Clinton could have intervened in Rwanda to stop the genocide against the Tutsi, or invaded Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein.  During his administration, he frequently said things that suggested he would go after Saddam.  But when you look more closely, it becomes apparent that he never contemplated using force to remove Saddam from power, or de-Ba'athize Iraq.  It was always going to be a last resort use of force to "damage" Saddam's regime, and take away some of his capabilities.

        In all this, Clinton reminds me of General McClellan.  McClellan talked a good fight, and was superb at training and administration, but when you study "his" battles, you find out that he was almost never on the field.  Instead, he nearly always found an excuse to be elsewhere, and on the few occasions he was present for battle, he was almost paralyzed.  There's a phrase for this kind of behavior, and the phrase is "moral cowardice."  Clinton is also a moral coward.  He had opportunities to show greatness, but they would have required hard, unpopular decisions.  He lacked the nerve to make them.

        Nerve is the big difference between Clinton and W.



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