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Friday, September 16, 2005

I's Back.

        I just was too tired to blog the last few days, but I hope to be back in harness soon.

        Meanwhile, Bill Hobb's site won't let me post this (some kind of computer problem), so I'll put it here. It was on the alleged NOLA evacuation plan.

        Pardon me, but many of your are arguing on a factually incorrect basis.

        The state of Louisiana DID NOT HAVE ANY REAL HURRICANE DISASTER PLAN.  They did try to pretend otherwisse, but it wasn't so.  I've misplaced the reference, and I'm over 24 hours without sleep at this moment, but if you google the state of Louisiana hurricane evacuation plan, you should find it.

        What the "plan" stated was that in tbe event an evacuation was necessary, the state would have extra highway patrolmen directing traffic.  The state government would also "co-ordinate" and "keep the media informed."  In English, they'd sit in the capitol and leave it all to the local authorities, while taking advantage of media coverage to look like they were doing something.  That's what the state was going to do.  Everything else governmental would be fobbed off on someone else.

        As for the City of New Orleans, IT NEVER PLANNED TO EVACUATE ANYONE FROM THE COAST IN CITY OR PARISH VEHICLES.  When I say neve, I mean it as in "not at all, wasn't going to happen, we've told everyone who asked it wasn't going to happen, and we will no even try." 

        I have a long post on this here, with links to the city's alleged evacuation plan, and a Times-Picayune article on the city's planning.  To summarize:

        1) If it became necessary to evacuate, the plan was for the population to drive themselves out, in their privately owned vehicles.

        2) If you didn't have a vehicle, better arrange a ride.  The city of NOLA didn't think it had the resouces to get you out, and in any case wasn't going ot try.

        3) If you don't get out, and your house isn't safe, NOLA would attempt to move you to some place within the city or parish, but that's it.  They weren't planning on evacuating people from the coast.

        Just in case you still don't get it, let me rephrase: the official "evacuation" plan was to bus people to the Superdome or other public facilities in NOLA.  That is exactlty what the city government did.

        4) In the event of a major levee failure or overtopping, hope that you can tread water.

        That was NOLA's plan in a nutshell.  The only part they didn't carry out was explaining to people that in an emergency, thousands would drown.  And that, they were working allegedly working on.  In other words, they gambled the Big One wouldn't hit while they were in office.  From the sixties through last August, that worked.  This year, their luch ran out.



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