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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Timeline, and a Times-Picayune series

      There's a great timeline on Katrina and the response to it by people in various government departments, at Right Wing Nut House (once more, props to Glenn).  By the way, this story, linked to in the timeline, illustrates the problem in NOLA in a nutshell:
      About 26,000 New Orleans residents sought refuge from Hurricane Katrina at the Superdome, which authorities describe as the "shelter of last resort," Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu said late Sunday.  To help keep them fed and hydrated, the Louisiana National Guard delivered three truckloads of water and seven truckloads of MREs — short for "meals ready to eat."  That's enough to supply 15,000 people for three days, according to Col. Jay Mayeaux, deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Emergency Preparedness.

      So, they put in 45,000 person/days of food and water.  With 26,000 already in the dome, that means they run out in 1.7 days.  Since FEMA's planning was for up to four days without relief from outside, they did less than half what was required.

      One of the things I've wondered about is when the National Guard was called out.  This Monday story said 4,000 Guards were mobilizing to assist NOLA -- in Nashville, TN.  How they were supposed to get from Nashville to NOLA isn't mentioned.  There were only one hundred fifty or so in the city when the storm hit.

      And here's a link to a five part Times-Picayune series on NOLA getting destroyed by a hurricane.  It was published in 2002.  This section is especially relevant.

      My wife K. said the whole situation reminded her of The Creeping Terror, in which people are menaced by a large rug that moves at less than a slow walk.  When they see it, everyone screams and huddles in the nearest corner or other place with no escape route, waiting to be eaten by the monster.  And that's about what NOLA did.

      Two other things worth reading here and here.



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