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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some Pretty Good Military News From Iraq

        Posted by Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping, and Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.  (Hat tip: Glenn.)

        By the way, it always amazes me that people forget just how quickly fortunes turn in war.  During August, 1864, the Late Unpleasantness seemed to be going all the Confederacy's way, and the Democrats adopted a platform declaring "The war is a failure," while Lincoln expected he'd lose re-election, and thought Jeff Davis would win for certain if he held out till March, '65, when McClellan would become President.  Then, suddenly, Sherman captured Atlanta, and everyone saw the writing on the wall.  In the spring, the Army of Northern Virginia seemed to be holding off Grant's second to last attempt to outflank them, just as they'd stopped every other attempt.  Then, hearing the news of the forces the Army of the Potomac was meeting on its left, Grant ordered a straight frontal assault all along the line.  The overstretched Rebel line broke, and over the next few days Lee's forces took tremendous losses, even before Sheridan got to Appomattox Court House to cut the Southrons off.

        The same could be said about WWI & II.  Imperial Germany launched four offensives in the spring of 1918 that pushed the Allies back on the Western Front, making it look like they'd take Paris -- then the fifth offensive was stopped cold, and a few months later the Allies were advancing all along the lines, while Germany sued for peace.

        In World War II, Hitler had things almost all his own way into 1942.  The Afrika Corps was closer to Cairo than ever before, the Army on the Russian Front was butchering the Red Army in droves, the U-boats were running wild off the coast of the U.S., Imperial Nippon ran wild in the Pacific.  On June 4th, from midnight to about 10:30, the Zeros and anti-aircraft guns of the Midway attack forces air component annihilated every USAmerican attack, for almost no damage -- then, in the course of about five minutes the aircraft carriers Soryu, Kaga, and Akagi were set ablaze uncontrollably, while over the next two days the heavy cruiser Mikumu was sunk, the carrier Hiryu destroyed, and the heavy cruiser Mogami was badly damaged, along with two destroyers.  Nippon had lost the war -- which didn't stop them from fighting another three years, or making things very nasty for the U.S. in the first of what were then called the battles of Savo Island, one through five.

        In Europe and Africa, everything came apart for Nazi Germany in the fall of 1942.  In 1943 the U.S. and Britain knocked Italy out of the war, and conquered half of it (the other half was held by German forces diverted from Russia, where they were desperately needed).  By the fall of 1944, the Wehrmacht had been pushed back on all fronts, had taken tremendous casualties, and was in a desperate supply situation as industrial production fell sharply (the bombing raids had chewed up a large portion of the Lutwaffe's strength, and the bombers were finally hitting the right targets, day and night).  And that winter, the Germany Army made one last attack on the Western Front that penetrated deeply, and made things look desperate -- until the 101st Airborne held Bastogne, Patton showed up, and the weather cleared, allowing the USAF and RAF dive-bombers to blow up the German supply lines.  In the spring, the Germany Army once again moved West, but it wasn't to fight, but to surrender to soldiers who weren't Russian.

        I predict that al-Qaida in Iraq will look really formidable to the MSM, right up till the time it collapses over the course of a few weeks.



  • "right up till the time it collapses over the course of a few weeks."
    You mean like the taliban, who were supposed to be countering and deflecting all US/Northern Alliance pushes?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:09 PM  

  • Yes, that's an excellent example.

    By Blogger Stephen M. St. Onge, at 4:22 PM  

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