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Friday, September 09, 2005

Views and News About New Orleans

      I'm going to be away from the computer all day, so if you're hungering for further pearls of my ineffable wisdom, come back tomorrow.  This is my last post for Friday.

      When you're forced out of NOLA, your gun will be confiscated, if you're only a citizen.  If you're a security guard hired by the rich, however, you may keep it.

      One reason the government didn't take Hurricane Katrina seriously was hardly anyone did, including the media.  NBC dismissed the idea that Katrina might be as destructive as it turned out to be.  No one could take the realities seriously.

      Though they currently deny it, MoveOn reportedly had plans to use Katrina to bash John Roberts.  The idea was supposedly going to be 'Victims of Katrina were mostly poor and black; Roberts isn't sensitive enough to the problems of the poor and black; Roberts shouldn't be on the Supreme Court.'  Did USA Today get it wrong, or did they back down?  YOU MAKE THE CALL!  Me, I think they backed down.

      One reason the levees didn't hold: politicians at all levels had other projects they preferred to spend public works money on.

      Jerry Pournelle points out that one of the problems with government is that we centralized disaster relief, to take it out of the hands of the locals..  Surprise, it worked!  Now we don't like the results.

      Jerry also remarks: "The primary responsibility for domestic crisis is the State which means the Governor.  Everyone including the Governor knows this.  Louisiana and Arkansas have for years contested to see which can be the most corrupt and least efficient state, and both generally win."  Varifrank thinks the upcoming lawsuits will destroy LA's Democratic machine.



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