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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why MSM Inaccuracy Matters

        The incredible brutality and slaying that were supposed to have happened in New Orleans, particularly at the Superdome, have turned out to be nonsense.  The figure I've heard that best sums it up -- there were four murders during the week of Katrina, in a city where four murders per week is the usual body count (see here.)  As the Prof. points out, the misinformation probably affected what was done during the relief effort, leading to delays in getting people help.

        Jeff Goldstein notes that the MSM is coming out of the closet.  The coverage of Katrina was an open political campaign, with advocacy replacing reporting.  They're boasting about getting things wrong.

        An interesting related point is the way so many people outside the media don't care much about truth any more.  For instance, immediately after Katrina hit, people complained that relief efforts were hampered because so many Guardsmen were in Iraq.  What was noticeable was, first, that it wasn't true (there appear to have been plenty of National Guard members available, but Gov. Blanco didn't use them).  But second, note that the people making this criticism were all opponents of the war in the first place.  They didn't bother to find out if the 'the Guard's all over in Iraq' story was true, or even probable.  They just adopted and spread a false story, because it was useful in bashing W. and the war.

        And then there's liberal racism.  The media heard stories of black people acting like psychotic jungle savages, and never expressed the least doubt.  Hey, the supposed murderers were black, so they must be guilty.

        We've now passed the point where we wonder if the MSM is biased.  Based on current events, we should treat all "news" stories as propaganda, and ask what they're trying to manipulate us into doing.



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