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Thursday, September 01, 2005

You Can Learn a Lot by Watching


      Though you may have some trouble if you're the New York Times, and the subject is looters.

At Length:

      The Times has an article on looting in New Orleans.  If you don't want to register, or if the article has expired, you can still find it here.

      So.  Notice the bias: A) sympathy for the looters:
      The desperate and the opportunistic . . .

      Many people with property brought out their own shotguns and sidearms. . . .

      All sizes and types of stores, from Wal-Mart to the Rite Aid to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop, turned into bazaars of free merchandise [This leaves out the jewelry stores and such; or the hospitals where health care workers cars are broken into while they try to save lives inside]. . . .

      Though no one excused the stealing, many officials were careful not to depict every looter as a petty thief.

      "Had New York been closed off on 9/11, who can say what they would have done?" said Cynthia Hedge-Morrell, vice president of the New Orleans City Council. "When there's no food, no water, no sanitation, who can say what you'd do? People were trying to protect their children. I don't condone lawlessness, but this doesn't represent the generous people of New Orleans." . . .

      "Yes, in a sense it's wrong, but survival is the name of the game," said the woman, who would not identify herself. "I've got six grandchildren. We didn't know this was going to happen. The water is off. We're trying to get supplies we need."

      B) 'Nothing can be done':
      . .. an overwhelmed police force . . .

      . . . Because the New Orleans police were preoccupied with search and rescue missions,

      . . . Besides the strain of having to rescue survivors, the police are bereft of much of their equipment, buildings and essential communications.

      Question, what do you think a few reports of looters being shot dead without warning would do?  But of course, that would be uncivilized.

      C) The most important bias is what isn't there.  Looting after a disaster, or during a riot, is nothing new.  But if the Times reporters mentioned that, they'd have to ask what was learned in other cases.  Reminding people would be unacceptable, because what was learned is 'Immediate, overwhelming force is the only response that works.'

      Meanwhile, learn yourselves from this.  There is a streak of evil in every person.  Force is the only way ever found to keep some people in check.  Be ready to use it yourself, or admit that you're a child and need an adult protector who can use force.

      Ted Frank at PointofLaw.com has a post on why looters should be shot.  Hat tip to Glenn.



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