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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Essence of Disagreement

        John Hindracker at Powerline sums up why so many conservatives are disappointed in the Miers nomination, and why this particular fat (but shrinking!) conservative is not.

        Hindrocket says:
        Republican Presidents should be known for putting the most highly qualified, brilliant legal thinkers on the federal appellate courts, especially the Supreme Court.

        Yeah, well many brilliant scholars wrote very many distinguished articles explaining why this, that, or the other thing was necesary or impossible, only to have reality prove them wrong.  Scholarship is all very well, but it is necessarily detached from real life and practice.

        When I look at the Court decisions I hate the most, they've mostly resolved around airy principles, with no consideration given to how they would work out in the real world.  Harriet Miers has seen the results of Supreme Court decisions in her work as a trial lawyer.  I value that at least as much as a series of articles arguing for some position that sounds good in the journals, but has no connection with reality.

        By the way, who would you name as the President with the worst performance of modern times?  I'd say Jimminy Peanut, the Georgia Giant, "that grinning, gladhandling sack of shit," as Stephen King called him.  Well, Walter Conkrite, who'd met quite a few Presidents, thought Carter was the best prepared President he'd ever met.

        Further, one of the things about scholarship is that success comes as a result of gaining peer approval for you work.  Ever wonder why so many Republican nominees "grow" in office?  In part, I think, because they are cut off from the old network of mutual admiration, and seek a new one.  They become liberal because they want the approval of those around them (and Washington was an overwhelmingly liberal/democratic town till recently).

        Miers is a trial lawyer, someone trained to take a position in favor of one side in a dispute, and stick to that side till the end.  I think she's much less likely to move left than a "brilliant legal scholar."  And the intellectual and experiential diversity she'll bring to the Court will be good for it.

        We just made brilliant legal scholar Chief Justice.  I like the idea of balancing him with an outstandingly succesful private practitioner.



  • I'm with you. I am sick of the Republican policy of eating their own (and the wrong ones at that). Lets get Miers approved and move on with other issues.

    By Blogger Ralph, at 4:33 PM  

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