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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Missed This the First Time Through

        One of the important things to remember about the Plame/Wilson story is the dates involved.

        Joe Wilson published his dishonest op-ed on Sunday, July 6th, 2003.

        On Tuesday, July 8th, according to the Washington Post's sources, Miller met with Libby, who didn't know Plame's name, or where she worked.

        On Friday, July 11th, 2003, Robert Novak's latest column was sent over the AP wire to syndicate subscribers.  This was the column that revealed that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.  So by the 11th at the latest, Novak had talked to his sources and gotten the information.  It's quite likely he talked to them before that.

        The indefatigable Tom Maguire, also notes that the CIA issued a statement on the "16 words" that same Friday, and Novak mentioned nothing about it.  Since Novak's whole column was about the political fallout, and since he'd mentioned administration statements of July 7th, it argues that he sent the column in early on the 11th.

        Now, according to the Post story above, Libby never talked to Novak.  He did talk to Plame Miller a second time, but that was on Saturday, July 12th.  He then told her that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA, and "had a role" in sending Wilson to Africa.  If the Post story is accurate, by the time Libby talked to Wilson again, any damage done by revealing Valerie Wilson's employer had already taken place.

        (My thanks to my buddy C.D. for pointing out my the error I had originally.)

        If I were Libby, I'd sure as Hell have wanted to Miller to testify to that.

        Then there's this little goody, also from the Post, concerning a Libby/Cooper conversation:
During a July 12, 2003, conversation, according to a source involved in the investigation, Time reporter Matthew Cooper told Libby that he had been informed by other reporters that Wilson's wife was a CIA employee. Libby, the source said, replied that he had heard the same thing, also from the press corps.

        Who were these "other reporters," and how did they know about Valerie Plame Wilson?  Whom were they sharing the information with?  I don't know, but at the moment, it looks like Libby is in the clear, and either a) Novak told reporters all over Washington that Valerie Wilson was CIA, or b) it was common knowledge in the press corps that she worked for the CIA, which suggests that no one in the White House broke her cover.

        Delicious, if true.



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