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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oklahoma Bombing Story Continues

        A very good post at My Pet Jawa reports that Hinrichs, the guy killed in the blast, tried to buy a large amount of ammonium nitrate fertilizer (the feed store guy found him suspicious, as did an off-duty cop who was there; the store wouldn't sell, and his liscense plate number was taken; the cops seem to have been investigating him).  By the way, Hinrichs was wearing a vest with "what appeared to be wires in it when he tried to buy the fertilizer."  Jawa also notes that Hinrichs seems to have been tried to get into the football game, but left when gate security wanted to search his backpack.  And Hinrichs appears to have been a convert to Islam.

        Hinrichs roomy seems to have been a Pakistani, and there are reports of lots of guns or bomb materials or both in their apartment.

        Michelle Malkin has lots of links on this story.

        Someone named Jeff, at a blog called Caerdroia doubts Hinrichs was attempting terrorism.  One reason being that Jeff and Hinrichs were members of the same fraternity:
        . . . Triangle Fraternity, an organization I am also privileged to be a member of.  I know the kind of people involved in the fraternity in general, and the Oklahoma chapter in general.  I know, as an initiate, the central mystery and ethics that are assumed as a part of becoming a Brother.  Joe would have had to utterly renounce that creed — would have broken every part of it — to kill himself and others in this way.

        Unless you think it's a monunmental coincedence that Hinrichs tried to buy a large amount of ammonium nitrate just before sitting down next to a bomb someone else had left (and I really can't take that seriously), then Joel Hinrichs intended to blow at least himself up with a bomb.  I wonder how suicide by explosive fits in with the "creed."

        And as far as creeds are concerned, well, I knew someone who more or less dropped out of the Catholic Church, then became a Buddhist, then suddenly became a fundamentalist Protestant.  It was obvious he was seeking something, and kept looking till he found it.  Hinrichs could have become a Triangle Brother, and then renounced that to become a Muslim if he was the same type of person.

        And tapscott reports Hinrichs dropped out of Triangle after one year.

        Jeff also tries to argue away the fertilizer purchase as by saying someone trying to commit suicide with a bomb might well buy that.  But he's ignoring the phrase "large quantity."  The equivalent of a few ounces of high explosive will kill you.  A small bag of ammonium nitrate would be plenty.

        In short, if this is the best argument available to suggest Hinrichs wasn't a terrorist, I'm not impressed.

        Note: I originally misspelled Joel Hinrich's name, consistently, as "Heinrichs." I've corrected that, and added an "and" to one sentence (Oct. 19th).



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