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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Against Stupidity Even the Gods Struggle in Vain


        Who would have guessed that there were lessons to be learned from the Clinton Administrations attempts to make peace between Israel and the Arabs.  But apparently there were, according to Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State.  The problem is, either she won't tell us what they are.

At Length:

        Madeleine Albright criticized President Bush for:
        "a deliberate way of not learning the lessons" of Clinton's efforts to make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  She said Clinton had so impressed the Arabs that he "could be elected president of any country" in the Middle East.

        What lessons would these be?

        Very hard to say, because Albright either didn't tell the audience what they were, or the Austin American-Statesman chose not to report them. Trying to figure them out myself, 'President Clinton was a chump on this issue,' is one that comes to mind.  'You get good press if you parrot Clinton's opinions' is another (as with President Penis, Albright finds the Iraq Campaign "was a mistake", but one that must be "concluded successfully."  I think that's Liberal for 'Any blame must be directed against the Republicans and Bush, any credit must accrue to Democrats, or at least be bipartisan.').  But for the rest of the lessons, I can't think of any (feel free to add any that come to your mind in the comments).

        But I think Bush did learn the main lesson: there's no point in "negotiating" with those who have no intention of keeping agreements they make.  So he didn't even try with Saddam, just gave the fool enough rope to hang himself.  Pity Clinton and Albright never learned that, or, if they did, petty neither had the balls to act on the knowledge.

        A lesson Maddy needs to learn: telling people your boss impressed the Arabs is not helping your party, or his wife's presidential candidacy.

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