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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An Answer For Drum

        In my last post, "Kevin Drum, Serial Liar", I noted Drum's claims about the Administration lying to the public and Congress about what pre-invasion intelligence showed regarding Iraq and WMDs.  But I didn't mention Drum's last paragraph:
        In any case, if it's really true that the Bush administration did nothing to spin, exaggerate, or lie about WMD before the war, why are war supporters so relentlessly trying to suppress any congressional investigation into this?  You'd think they'd welcome it instead.  For a bunch of innocent bystanders, they sure are acting awfully guilty.

        I didn't bother with that paragraph because I thought the answer obvious: the Democrats wouldn't conduct an honest inquiry.

        Well, Tom Maguire reminds us of a Democratic Memo that leaked.  The memo was written by a staffer for Jay Rockefeller, vice-Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and it was made public in November, 1993 2003 (my thanks to Cal for catching the original error).  It concerned the hearings then going on about Iraq intelligence, which were not yet half over when the memo was published (I can't determine when it was written).  Despite the fact that their work isn't nearly done, the staffer has already concluded that:
        . . . we have an important role to play in the revealing the misleading -- if not flagrantly dishonest methods and motives -- of the senior administration officials who made the case for a unilateral, preemptive war.

        That, by the way, is at the end of the memo.  Most of it concerns political strategy for using the investigation against Republicans.

        Do you think, if someone pointed all this out to Drum, he might concede that the Republicans shouldn't cooperate in their own libeling?  NAH!

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