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Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Comment on Abortion and the Courts

        From Canis Iratus:
        Roe V. Wade has had a disastrous and insidious effect on the highest judicial process in the country.  It has hijacked an entire branch of the United States government, which means we only have two left.  It has reduced all public discussion of constitutional law to one word: ABORTION.  The grand legacy of John Marshall, John Jay, and Oliver Wendell Holmes is now represented by a single lump of tissue: ABORTION.  The evolution of judicial thinking in the greatest nation on earth has been stopped dead by ABORTION.  The vitally important democratic function of reviewing and choosing suitable candidates for the greatest court in history has been gruesomely hewed down to a single splinter: ABORTION.  Blind-folded Justice is almost mute; she can only croak the word ABORTION.

        Socrates, what is truth?  ABORTION.  Conan, what is best in life?  ABORTION.  What's the atomic weight of Germanium?  ABORTION.  What is the very meaning of existence itself - what single word breaks the silence of those infinite spaces that filled great Pascal with dread?  ABORTION, ABORTION, ABORTION, ABORTION, ABORTION.

        Like I said, enough of this monomaniacal cretinism. Enough already.

        And then, it get funnier.

        The Angry Dog is correct. Take the issue out of the hands of the federal courts, and put it back where it belongs, in the state legislatures and state courthouses.

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