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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm in a Bad Mood.

        When I'm in a good mood, certain kinds of blatant dishonesty just amuse me, but today, it really irritates.

        Ed Cone has a column expressing his disdain for, and disappointment with, the political debate on abortion.  He wants some "middle ground."

        Fine, I'll deliver.  On one end, are the extremists who say no abortion should ever be performed, under any circumstances.  On the other side, the people who say if the child was half-way out of the birth canal, and the mother said, "Kill it!", that would be nobody's business but hers.

        What's in the middle of that?  'Some abortions should be legal, but others should be forbidden by law.'


        Cone brushes against that position, once or twice, but he keeps it at arms length.  He notes with approval that there's a middle ground emerging:
        The new governor of Virginia, Democrat Tim Kaine, is personally opposed to abortion, as is Bob Casey Jr., the Democratic senatorial hopeful from Pennsylvania.

        I hereby go out on a limb and predict that Mr. Kaine and Mr. Casey will live up to their convictions — neither of these men will ever have an abortion.

        But Cone doesn't mention any circumstances under which either would forbid a legal abortion.  Because if they were in favor of any restriction under any circumstances, they probably couldn't get on the Democratic ticket, much less win a race.

        At the end, Cone lets the cat out of the bag.  Roe v. Wade might be overturned, and therefore, states might have a chance to make abortion laws.  Would this be a good idea?  Apparently not, because he expresses himself in favor of a Constitutional amendment enshrining a "right to privacy," which as far as I can tell is code for "Write Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton into the Constitution."

        Now, since Ed has a man's name, and mentions having a wife, it seems fairly likely he's male.  So, Mr. Cone, a challenge: Be a man, demonstrate some courage, show us those balls are good for something!  Write plainly 'I, Ed Cone a) am in favor of any abortion at any time for any reason if the pregnant woman wants it; b) am in favor of abortion being legal under some circumstances, but want it forbidden by law under other circumstances; c) am opposed to almost any abortion at any time."  And stop pretending that positions a) or c) can be a middle ground if you just express them properly.

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