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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Evidence of Disinformation?


        There's increasing information suggesting that one reason the CIA got stuff wrong before the Iraq Invasion was because we were deliberately deceived by our "allies."

        There's also information suggesting that the WMD intelligence was either more accurate than now believed, or Saddam was deliberately trying to convince us he had weapons he didn't have.

        Bloggers should be investigating both issues.  The CIA and the MSM won't.

At Length:

        In my post on Curveball, I considered that maybe the "foreign liaison service" that was handling the Iraqi decided to plant some disinformation.

        Now we have this from Lawrence Wilkerson, Sec. of State Powell's Chief of Staff:
        The French came in in the middle of my deliberations at the CIA and said, we have just spun aluminum tubes, and by God, we did it to this rpm, et cetera, et cetera, and it was all, you know, proof positive that the aluminum tubes were not for mortar casings or artillery casings, they were for centrifuges.  Otherwise, why would you have such exquisite instruments?

        (Note: if the link above fails, it's also here.  In either case, it's a looooong mother.)

        Which suggests that someone, was lying about those tubes, either the French, for unknown reasons, or the Department of Energy because they didn't want to admit Saddam was stockpiling components for a uranium enrichment facility.

        It would be nice if some technical experts would obtain some of these tubes, and try to make enrichment centrifuges with them.  And it would be nice if the Administration would either declassify the information the French gave on those centrifuges, or give us a good reason why it should stay secret — or tell us that Wilkerson is a liar, and the French never gave us such information.

        If I were an optimist, I'd suggest that the CIA will learn to be careful of "foreign liaison services," and will insist on vetting sources more thoroughly.  Also, that if they found "foreign liaison services" deceiving us, they'd burn them publicly.  As a realist, fuggedaboudit!  They'll never change.

        Wilkerson also has interesting information on what could be confirmed by satellite reconnaissance, suggesting that either Saddam did have some chemical weapons stockpiled, or was trying to convince us he did:
        But I saw satellite evidence, and I’ve looked at satellite pictures for much of my career.  I saw information that would lead me to believe that Saddam Hussein, at least on occasion, was spoofing us, was giving us disinformation.  When you see a satellite photograph of all the signs of the chemical weapons ASP — Ammunition Supply Point — with chemical weapons, and you match all those signs with your matrix on what should show a chemical ASP, and they’re there, you have to conclude that its a chemical ASP, especially when you see the next satellite photograph which shows the U.N. inspectors wheeling in in their white vehicles with black markings on them to that same ASP and everything is changed, everything is clean.  None of those signs are there anymore.

        Well, Saddam Hussein really cared about deterring the Persians the Iranians — and his own people.  He did’nt give a hang about us except on occasion.  And so he had to convince those audiences that he still was a powerful man.  So who better to do that through than the INC, Ahmad Chalabi and his boys, and by spoofing our eyes in the sky and our little HUMINT, and the Brits and the French and the Germans, too.  That’s all I can figure.

        Well, unlike Wilkerson, I can also figure that the satellite photos were correct, and when the U.N. inspectors showed, the contraband had been moved.  So did Saddam have a chemical weapons supply that he exported or hid?  Or did he deliberately try to convince us that he had them and wouldn't get rid of them, in order to scare the Iranians, deter the Iraqi National Congress, deter us, and just plain look powerful in the Muslim world? (The Arabs live in a shame/honor culture, after all.)  This subject also needs more exploration.  Too bad the MSM and the CIA seem determined to bury it.  But that shouldn't stop bloggers.  Up and at 'em, fellow Pajama Wearers!

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