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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Spew alert!  Leftist Idiocy, Surprises, and Gloating


        The reason we always win in the long run is our fundamental good sense.  Comes from our "peasant scum" heritage.

At Length:

        OK, you're mouth is clear right?  Good, wouldn't want to harm your computer.  It seems that my buddy Ralph nobly reads Daily Kos, so that we won't have to, and one of the, umm, people who posts there has a poll up.  'Who is to the blame for the French Riots?'  Three choices are offered: "France," "The Rioters Exclusive Fault," and "Bush."

        WHA-HA-HA!  Oh, that is amusing.  Of course it's all the President's fault, how could I not have relized that.  Yes, the, uh, poster thinks that the rioters wouldn't have done it three years ago, but now, because W. invaded Iraq, they feel they have permission.  A quote:
Bush is certainly to blame on a certain level for aggravating a bad situation in the first place.

        Oh, thank you Lord, for reasuring me about the fate of the GOP.  With friends like "altscott," the Donks don't need any ememies — but we'll provide the enemies anyway.

        OK, don't drink yet!  The percentage of insane leftists who blame it on Bush is, (drumroll please) —

we'll wait for the drum to roll, to build up a little dramatic tension — as I said the percentage of utter morons voting in alscott's poll is ten.— That's right, only ten percent of those voting picked Bush as being at fault.— A full 25% (well, about, there are some rounding errors here) blamed it all on France.— Among those so voting was moi: two well established principles of riot contol are 1) you need to jump on these things early, with overwhelming force; and 2) any mob can be dispersed by firing a few warning bursts above the rioters navels, full auto.  So the fact that riots have lasted this long means that the French government is to blame (although, if I'd been able to allocate blame between France and the rioters, I'd have done that).

        Which leaves 63% blaming in all on the rioters.  That's what makes the United States great.  Even ninety percent of lefties know that France and the rioters did it themselves, and we aren't to blame.

        Blood tells, my friends, blood tells.  The smart and uppity members of the "lower" classes (i.e., the people who worked for a living, and supported themselves and the "upper classes" to boot), well, they left Europe and came to the New World.  The Old World got what was left.  "Think of it as evolution in action."

        Cue Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A.!"

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