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Monday, November 28, 2005

Undoubtedly Another Coincidence


        Since the destruction of their sanctuaries in Afghanistan and Iraq, al-Qaida hasn't had many successes.  It's performance and strategic sense have gone straight downhill.  Why, if the CIA, the Democrats and the MSM weren't known to be infallible, I might think that al-Qaida used to get extensive state support in its planning and operations.

At Length:

        In my last post, I noted a strange coincidence: As part of the Katrina evacuation, all the drug dealers and users left New Orleans, and from then till at least November 10th, there wasn't a single murder in NOLA.

        Here's another strange coincidence.  Before Sept. 12, 2001, al-Qaida had major successes attacking U.S. targets.  And during that time, al-Qaida had sanctuary from Sudan, then Afghanistan, and possibly Iraq (from sometime in 2002 till March 19th, 2003, al-Qaida definitely had sanctuary in Iraq).  And before Sept. 12, 2003, al-Qaida showed great smarts, hitting U.S. targets of high visibility.

        Yet since we took their state sanctuaries in Afghanistan and Iraq away, and destroyed the governments of those states, al-Qaida has been on a downhill slide.  They can't seem to launch any assaults in the U.S., they haven't pulled off a single successful assault in the U.S.  There have only been a few successful al-Qaida operations in Europe.  The best Osama's crew can do is funnel RIFs into Iraq, where about twenty die for every member of the U.S. military they kill. And the al-Qaida IQ seems to have deteriorated radically -- they never used to blow up Sunni Arabs in all directions, resulting in them being seen as scum by fellow Muslims.

        What an odd turn of events.  Why, if the MSM and the Democratic Party hadn't assured me daily that al-Qaida never had state support, and particularly not state support from Iraq, I might think that Laurie Mylroie was right, and that Saddam actively assisted al-Qaida from 1993 on, when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time.

        But who you gonna believe, the liberal pundits or your lying eyes?

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