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Monday, December 26, 2005

Lacking the Courage of Their Non-Convictions


        The Rocky Mountain News tries to lie and tell the truth at the same time.

At Length:

        I guess Mainstream Media bias is getting embarassing to the MSM itself.  That, at least, is the only explanation I can come up with for this story in the Rocky Mountain News.

        The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless wants something or another (the article is too badly written to tell what), and they held a vigil which was somehow supposed to help them achieve their goal.  The Rocky Mountain News article begins:

Vigil remembers 122 homeless who died
2005 toll is highest in 20 years; mayor again pledges help

By Hector Gutierrez,
Rocky Mountain News
December 22, 2005

        With only 10 days left to go, 2005 already may prove to be the deadliest year for the metro area's homeless.

        So, the story's about 122 homeless people who died in 2005?  Not quite:

        Representatives for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless read the names of 122 men and women - those who died on the streets or eventually died after living on the streets this year

        So, what's the point?  That people die?  That people who are homeless die?  That conditions for the homeless are getting worse?

        The story doesn't tell you.  But the headline and first paragraph sure make it sound like 'Things are getting worse for the homeless' without actually ever coming out and making that statement.

        The paper also covers its ass by pointing out that this is an "unofficial" tally by the advocacy group, so that, if the story turns out to be false, they can say they weren't responsible for the error.

        The mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper:
. . . . reiterated his pledge to try to end homelessness in Denver within 10 years.  Hickenlooper, who formed the Commission on Homelessness to come up with solutions to ending the city's social ill, said "people living on the streets is not acceptable.

        How is this end to homelessness to come about?  No suggestion given.  Why were these people homeless in the first place?  No answer.  How many died on the streets, how many in care facilities, how many in their own homes?  Beats me, the Rocky Mountain News can't be bothered with anything like that.  This paragraph is choice:
        "Tonight, we remember," said Farrell, a family practitioner. "We remember all of the Wills and Roberts, Cynthias and Willards, Tammys and Christines, and all the homeless people in the nation who have died this past year, a litany of people that most of our nation seems to have forgotten."

        You remembered them after they died, but the lack of details in the article suggests you didn't find out anything about them while they lived.

        Maybe, if the MSM stopped running nothing stories like this, and started running stories in which they told us why people were homeless, and what proposals there are to change that, we just might begin to get a real handle on the problem.

        Instead, we get disguised press releases for the Mayor, and the advocacy group.  Give the Mayor votes, and the group money, and maybe, someday, the homeless will be better off.  Then again, maybe they won't be.  But the Mayor will get reelected, the advocacy group will be able to pay for their offices and salaries, and the donors will get to feel good about themselves and take charitable deductions, even if the homeless continue to live on the streets.  Three out of four ain't bad, right?



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