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Monday, December 05, 2005

The New Champion, Chairman Seven Times!

        Prof. R. J. Rummel has, on the basis of new information, recalculated the number of people murdered by governments in the twentieth century.  As a result, Uncle Joe loses his gold medal, and the new holder of the #1 mass murderer spot is Mao Zedong.

        It is difficult to grasp the depth of Mao's achievement in the area of democide.  Let me put it this way: Rummel estimates that 212 Million people were murdered by governments in the Century of Blood.  (And the word "murdered" means that everyone killed in warfare is automatically excluded).  77 Million were Mao's work.

        Think of the magnitude of that accomplishment!  We can break it down, roughly, as: one out of every three people murdered by a government was murdered by a non-Communist state, two of three were murdered by Communists.  Of all people murdered by all Communist governments, Mao was responsible for half.  Of all people murdered by all governments, Mao got one out of three.  This from a man who only ruled about 20% of the human race for about 25% of the century!  With 5% of the opportunity, he got 35% of the victims, seven times the average!

        My cap's off to Great Helmsman — it fell to the ground when I bent over to vomit.

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