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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Some Interesting Correspondence of Mine II

        In a previous post, I mentioned that I'd found out that someone was faking my identity, and using it in e-mails to my Senators and Representative.  Now, I see that Protect Your Healthcare has responded to that post.  It appears that they created the form letter that was e-mailed to my Congressional delegation.  They say they're sorry, and that they don't approve.

        They also say that the letter sent in my name was done when someone signed me up without my consent.  They say that when they found out who did this, they'll take steps to undo it.  They'll also terminate their connection with that person or group, they say.

        That's interesting and encouraging, but the fact that no one actually put their name on the response makes me a bit suspicious.

        And I can't help but wonder how many other people have had their names borrowed by this group, or someone who agrees with it?  I only found out that someone was pretending to be me by accident, after all.

      A legitimate group could easily have validated the original sign-up by sending me a message saying that 'someone signed up you up with us, please respond to this e-mail so we know it's really you.'  They could also have refrained from putting my name on the form letters till they got a response.  In short, I can't help but suspect insincere damage control here.  I hope I'm wrong about that.

        As for the issue in question, I have no opinion, never having heard of it before.

        But all this shows that something will have to be done about identity theft and spam.

        I remain ticked off.

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