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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thoughts From the Ministrel

        At Length: My friend Frank G., who appears in Lucifer's Hammer as "Mark Czescu," and in Footfall as Harry Reddington, sent me the following.  I intended to post it anyway, and since I'm feeling ill, now's a great time.

        I was watching PBS last night and caught a show dealing with Suicide Bombers.

        One of the comments was that it was not uneducated Moslems that were doing the bombings, but those with educations.

        Since I explore the "obvious", brief look at several sites yielded this:

        Most spoke a second language other than Arabic and more than a few as many 3 or 4 languages.

        Most have a college degree.

        Many have advanced degrees.

        Most come from middle class or above middle class environments.

        Most are male.

        In some situations (like the TAMAL TIGERS) there are secular bombers.  In most cases "socialist" (Read Communist here) in orientation.

        As a bombing campaign continues more women and children (Under age 15) become bombers.

        The women that take part (in the bombings), have what passes for an education for middle class Moslem women.


        1. The strategy of suicide bombing is killing off the more gullible of the educated Islamic population.

        2. The social and economic advance of Islamic countries will be slowed and damaged by the deaths of these people.

        3. In any case, since there is only a limited number of people fitting the above criteria, if the tactic is continued, they will eventually run out of people, who by speaking other languages can mingle with crowds.  These thereby provide a higher profile to anti-terrorist teams.

        4. Eventually, they will run out of volunteers.

        When that happens, what is next?

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