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Friday, January 27, 2006

Big News From Iraq

        Omar reports that a combined sweep by the Iraqi army and tribal militias in Anbar province has arrested 270 al-Qaida members, including both native Iraqis and foreigners, plus some who were sheltering them.

        This is tremendous.  This is a watershed, a turning point.  With Iraqis fighting against them effectively, the terrorists won't be able to last long.  And with people being arrested for cause and held for trial, the danger of civil war is much diminished.  Nor is it easy to use the anti-terror campaign as a means of private revenge when people are arrested and get to tell their side of the story.  And of course, captives will be interrogated, and will give us more information that leads to the arrest of further terrorists and supporters, as well as leading to arms caches and bomb factories.

        With Zaqari being an idiot who accidentally and intentionally murderss Iraqis, he can be predicted to help this process along.  But if he stops attacking Iraqi civilians, his organization has a chance of stopping it's decline, or at least slowing it.  However, if he stops attacking Iraqi civilians, he must attack Iraqi government forces and Allied troops only, a recipe for death.  If al-Qaida goes severely underground and does little, they'll be exposing their weakness, itself a moral defeat for them.  They're caught in a trap.

        We are winning, and they are losing.  Given the probable upcoming campaigns in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, this is very big, very good news.

        Update: alas, it appears to be false news as well.

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