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Friday, January 13, 2006

Editing As Lying, Again

        On March 10th, 1981, Wanda McCoy was raped and murdered in the town of Grundy, Virginia.  Her brother-in-law, Roger Coleman, was convicted of the rape/murder in 1982.  In 1992, as the countdown to his execution drew to a close, I read of his case in The New Republic (dead tree only, no link).

        Coleman insisted he was innocent.  He and his defenders insisted it was unlikely he could have committed the crime.  Another man allegedly confessed to the crime, a man with a history of rape and violence.  And Coleman refused to allow DNA testing that might have shown his innocence.

        BINGO!  As soon as I read that, I said to myself "He's guilty."  Virginia went ahead and executed Coleman, who proclaimed his innocence to the last minute.

        Just this month, the state of Virginia did a DNA test anyway.  Care to take a wild guess as to what it showed?

        But somehow, the fact that Coleman wouldn't allow a test that might have saved his life, that other physical evidence pointed to him, that he had been convicted of exposing himself to a woman, and convicted of attempted rape had no affect on those who proclaimed his innocence.

        Well, it's over now, the results are in, and he was guilty.  Remember this, the next time your sympathy is solicited for a convicted murderer under sentence of death: the reason people get convicted of crimes is usually because they're guilty.  The MSM won't mention that when they try to get you to oppose the death penalty.

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