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Monday, January 30, 2006

Even for Liberals, This is a New Low

        Vichy Democrats (and oh, what a perfect name) is calling for Senators to vote no today on cloture.  In itself, that is perfectly legitimate.  But for those Senators who don't, suggest that they wimp out and abstain, since under Senate rules, that's the same as voting no.

        That's political cowardice (perfectly in tune with a group that calls itself "Vichy Democrats," of course), but if even that's too much, then they urge Senators to go over to Walter Reed and visit wounded soldiers, as political cover for their anti-Alito stance.

        'Use wounded soldiers as cover for anti-conservative, anti-Republican activities.'  Even for liberals, that stinks.  I hope for the sake of the country that none of the Senators are stupid and craven enough to do it.

        Hat tips: National Review's The Corner and Instapundit.

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  • From my friend Larry, via e-mail:

            "A Vichy Democrat???  I understand Vichy (collaborator), but this fool must have a suicidal death with that makes him want to immolate himself as he commits seppiku (what used to be called hari kiri) and impales himself.  Looks like the type that gives impetus to the movement to make abortion retroactive and not illegal.

            "If the Dumbocrats lose some of their Red State senators, they ain't going to get them back anytime soon.  I guess the siren song of ideological purity, even if there is no cohesive philosophy, short of rigid socialism, vitriolic anti-capitalism, rabid Bush-hating, overbearing PC and kissing the asses of any non-Western dictator/thug/ fanatic, is too strong for some of the seriously undermedicated to resist."

    By Blogger Stephen M. St. Onge, at 6:03 AM  

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