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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Articles Worth Reading

        Karl Zinmeister of The American Enterprise reports on the situation in Iraq as he found it.

        Sheehan and Young, by the way, were tossed from the SOTU in error.  This one also has an interesting statistic: the number of service people who've died in Iraq is about, after almost three years, to top the number killed in Viet Nam during the worst month.

        Hat tip, both, Instapundit.

        The Danes have been fairly courageous in their defiance of the Islamofascists.  France, by contrast, is showing its cowardice.  HT to HNN.

        James Taranto writes on how the MSM have shot themselves in the leg with Bush hatred, and still failed to defeat the U.S. in the war.

        Leftists don't know what a "fact" is.  Juan Cole writes about the "Top Ten things Bush won't Tell you About the State of the Nation", but many of them are opinion.  For instance, "9.In fact, The US and Iran are tacit allies in Iraq."  Follow the link, and it turns out to be an opinion column by two guys in the International Herald Tribune (a subsidiary of the New York Times, who say the U.S. ought to find common ground with Iran, and claims without evidence that Iran wants democracy and stability in Iraq.  The possibility that Iran really is determined to do what it says it aims to do (destroy Israel, acquire nukes, spread its version of Islam by force) is "refuted" by not mentioning such unpleasant thoughts.  By the way, when Cole does actually have a fact in the list, he tends to distort his source, or exagerate the signifigance of the fact.  HT: Tigerhawk.

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