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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Concealed Good News For Republicans

        Update: Dr. Sanity has more news about the Democratic Dilemma.

        Larry Summers, President of Harvard, resigned after five years on the job.

        As this article notes, Summers was hired by the Harvard Board to modernize the institution.  But attempting to do so angered the Leftists, who kept pushing to get rid of him.  They succeeded.

        Summers was Treasury Secretary under Clinton, and was known as tough.  But as Stanley Kurtz points out, he's part of the "moderate" wing of the Democrats, rather than the Leftist wing.  The Leftists despise Summers and all he stands for.  Summers, according to Kurtz and the Times, wants to advise a Democratic Presidential nomination candidate.  Apparently, Summers figured that if he didn't resign, the Left would fight him at Harvard and in the Donkey party.

        As with all appeasement of radicals, this won't work.  The Left will continue to jump on Summers, Harvard will stay left wing, and the Democrats will almost certainly nominate a lefty or someone who appeases the leftists for the Presidency.

        Which means, a likely Republican victory in 2008.

        All articles linked to above are also here.

        Ht: Dr. Sanity.

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