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Monday, February 06, 2006

Getting to the Heart of the Matter in the Cartoon War

        Glenn prints an e-mail from a reader:

        Coming from an all Muslim family, I'm forced to listen to the sense of perceived injustice of Muslims concerning the depiction of their revered prophet.  It's quite sickening.

        I tell my family that that's just how things work in a free society: while I don't agree that the newspaper should have done something so culturally insensitive, they do have the right to do that, and attempting to make Danish society pay as a whole for it is utterly ridiculous.

        It doesn't matter, I'm told.  It literally means nothing to them, because in their world, everything should revolve around them and their culture, and God made the world for Muslim Arabs to control.

        And this is the kind of mindset the Danish people are contending with.

        Dr. Sanity has a great post on the workings of shame/honor cultures, which concludes:
        The last such culture the West dealt with was Japan during WWII.  Interestingly, they also had their suicide bombers (kamikaze) and their ritual killings for honor and vengeance related to shame avoidance.

        The conundrum facing the West in dealing with Islam is that if Islam backs down from its demands, the resulting humiliation only increases the entire culture's sense of shame (which has been high for some centuries now) and brings it closer to the reality of a ticking time bomb that can blow up the rest of the world.

        And sadly; the reverse situation--if the West, out of guilt and a sense of justice and fair play, backs down and permits Islam to restore its honor over the Danish cartoon issue at the expense of the West's cultural values; Islam will perceive such appeasement as the ultimate weakness and will be encouraged in thinking that it is the superior culture that will conquer and dominate the world.  Hence even that scenario offers no relief for the world from the ticking time bomb that is Islam.

        In other words, there appears to be no way to avoid a final confrontation.

        Read it all, then go see a post from Michelle Malkin, who has pictures from the London demonstration that show what Muslims want.

        We are at war with Islam.  Wake up, people.

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