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Monday, February 06, 2006

A Reasonable Request

        Hugh Hewitt has been writing on the Danish Muhammed cartoons, and NOT defending the Danes.  As a result, he's been heavily criticized by some bloggers.  So he asks:
        The debate begins with these questions: Are we at war with Islam?  Do you want a war with Islam?

        My answers and the answers of any sensible person ought to be "no," and "no."  IU'd [sic] like to see blogggers who are opining on the caroons answer these questions up front.

        Well, Mr. Hewitt, my answers are "Yes" and "No" respectively.Sorry if that makes me lack sense in your eyes.

        Some members of the Muslim world have declared war on us, and most Muslims support them.  As I see it, that puts us at war with Islam.  I'm not happy with this, but it's the facts on the ground.  And until we convince the world's muslims to back off, the war will continue.

        Yeah, I can see how Muslims would find those cartoons offensive — they tell the truth, and Muslims don't like that.  They want their clergy to get up in the mosque every Friday and support the murder of 'Zionists and Crusaders,' calling for it in the name of their religion, and then to get angry when some suggest that they're right, that support for murder of the innocent goes back to the foundations of their faith.  Like honesty, support for logic isn't big in the Muslim world.

        I share your appreciation for good manners, but they aren't relevent to a war.  The fact that "Danish" Muslims went travelling to the East, carrying a dossier of the cartoons from the Jyllands-Posten, looking for support because they'd lost their legal action against the newspaper, shows that the "Danish" Muslims regard themselves as part of a larger Islamic whole that is above the laws of Denmark.  In addition to the newspaper cartoons, they took lots of other cartoons that have never been printed in Danish papers, trying to stir up violence.  They've succeeded.  This is no longer, if it ever was, a question of good manners, but a question of Muslims threatening and attacking non-Muslims, of Muslims trying to make sharia binding on the West.  And that has to be resisted.

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