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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unconscious MSM Bias

        I always find it interesting to watch the ways the MSM reveals its hidden assumptions without intending to.  There's an excellent example up from the New York Times (here; also here when the Times free link goes bad).
        The Times reports:

French Officials Now Say Killing of Jew Was in Part a Hate Crime

Published: February 23, 2006

        PARIS, Feb. 22 — French authorities say a young Jewish man who was tortured and killed here this month was singled out because of his religion, supporting claims by French Jews that his killing was in part a hate crime. . . .

        France has struggled to strike a balance between suppressing anti-Semitism within the country's large Muslim community and addressing rising anti-Islamic sentiments in the broader population.  The government was widely criticized several years ago for responding sluggishly to an outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents.

        Now tell me, why should "anti-semitism," or, as it's known in honest language, Jew hatred, have anything to do with Muslims?  Why would suppressing Jew hatred, among Muslims or anyone else, cause "anti-Islamic sentiments in the broader population" to rise?  The Times doesn't say.  The Times doesn't care to admit the fact that almost all Muslims hate Jews, that this Jew hatred is systematically stirred up by Muslim religious and political leaders, that the Muslim leaders do this as a way of diverting the Muslim masses from their own dictatorship, and that Western civilization is engaged in a war with Islam.  The Times, after all, hates Western civilization too, and wants to see it destroyed.

        The Times won't admit this, not even to itself, because it's afraid of what will happen when the enemy wins — and with reason.  A lot of the MSM will be the first beheaded if the Muslims ever take us over.  But as they kneel, they'll partially exult at the thoughts of all the others who'll be following them.  Ayn Rand nailed this sentiment in Atlas Shrugged.

        But admit it or not, the Times knows that the Muslims hate the Jews and the West, and are at work to destroy both.  The Times knows that France is in the process of a long surrender to its next set of conquerors, and that French officials will dance back and forth on this issue, periodically pretending to crack down on Muslim violence against Jews, while not actually taking any decisive acts.  Even Nicolas Sarkozy, who's supposed to be a hard-ass on the subject of Muslims, can't bring himself to say that flatly that the people who kidnapped a Jew, held him for ransom, and tortured him to death because he was a Jew are just plain Jew haters.

        If I were in charge of the U.S. government, I'd be trying to make a list of "left wing" and "right wing" Europeans, and making sure that only those on the "right wing" list were approved if they wanted to immigrate here.  We'll be getting a lot of scared Europeans as the scimitar falls.  European leftists, especially French ones, deserves what will happen to them when the Muslims rule there.

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  • Hmmm! If we go with the old "A conservative is a liberal who got mugged" meme then a lot of those European leftists might yet be a valuable addition. In many ways this might be a self-selecting process since only those who would have the ability to acknowledge there's a problem with jihadis would be the ones to emigrate. @_@

    By Blogger Towering Barbarian, at 8:23 PM  

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