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Monday, February 06, 2006

Verrrrrrry Interesting

        Captain Ed alerts us to a Guardian story on the "spontaneous" demonstrations against Denmark in Lebanon:
        The mob grew fiercer, and finally the police withdrew.  As they moved back, the crowd smashed their way into the building housing the Danish embassy and set it ablaze.  From the burning building they hung a banner that read: "We are ready to sacrifice our children for you, O Prophet Muhammad."  [Gee, I thought sacrificing your children for religous reasons was a pagan thing -- St. Onge]  By now dozens of people had been wounded or arrested and at least one person was killed, a protester apparently caught up in the fire at the embassy building. . . .

        Asad Harmoush, a leader of JamaĆ­a Islamiya, the conservative Sunni Muslim group that had helped organise the protest, tried to deflect the blame.  "We can't control tens of thousands of people.  We tried to limit the harm and we extend our excuses to our brothers in Achrafieh and to the security forces.  There has to be an investigation.  Obviously there were infiltrators."

        And then in the early afternoon, as suddenly as it had all begun, it ended.  The leaders of the mob turned to the angry young men beside them and told them it was time to leave.  Obediently the crowd thinned out and began walking back to the buses, even as the Danish embassy continued to burn.  By 3pm there wasn't a single protester left on the street. [My emphasis -- St. O.]

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