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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What a Bunch of Self-Righteous Idiots

        The Washington Post won't publish the Muhammad cartoons.  They'd be offensive, and in bad taste.

        But they did publish the armless, legless veteran cartoon, without worrying if anyone might be offended by that.  And the Post Omsbudswoman says:
        Most good newspapers don't set out to offend readers.  But newspapers shouldn't avoid controversy, and if they don't occasionally offend readers, they're probably not doing their job.

        So if you're offended, they did their job, and if your not offended, they did their job.  The important thing to remember is, they're always right.  The MSM is right not to publish the cartoons, and if they did publish them, that would be right too.

        And what's truly amazing is, they expect us to believe they aren't flinching from cowardice.

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