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Friday, March 17, 2006

Well, I'm Up

        I just dropped in because Betsy Newmark of the fabulous Betsy's Page can't find her blog.  And when the rest of us try, we get an "access not authorized page."  Viking Pundit, Stolen Thunder, and Polipundit are all having this problem too.

        Look like I got out at the right time (see previous post, or use the link).

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And That's ALL Folk's

        Now that Blogger is working again, I'm leaving, for good.

        As I said here, with Google cooperating with Chinese tyranny, I'm gone.  Being lazy, it took me a while, but now I'm out of here.

        The NEW blog with the NEW title is here.  Same old opinionated blathering, soon to have RSS and Atom Feed when I can figure them out.

        To all blogger employees, I say: 'Nothing personal, just principle.'  Sincerely, it was nice while it lasted.

        I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to "Towering Barbarian" for the suggestion that led to my new title, and to Pamela Geller Oshry of Atlas Shrugs for suggesting the new hosting site.

        My last substantive Blogger post is here.  But I'm not here, anymore.

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Google's Motto: Don't Be Evil — UNLESS IT PAYS REALLY WELL!

Back to the Grind

        I've been busy the last two days, sending an e-mail to every member of Congress (or trying to; some, the delivery failed, a few I couldn't defeat their protections against being bothered by citizens). The subject was the idiot decision to fund the Palestinian Authority, which I execrated here.

And currently (12:08 CST, 3/1/06), Blogger appears to be down. Oh well, I'm writing this in Notepad TM***, and will post it later.

Catching up on the web, Powerline has a fine post on a UN "human rights" conference. Glenn sums it up nicely:

        Glenn also has an item immediately under that one, about a manifesto against Islamofascism that's worth reading.  Significantly, the writers reject multi-culturalism, and by name.

        Blogger update: Now its up, at 12:31, sort of, with new colors on the html composition pane.  Almost makes me regret I'm leaving them because Google owns them.

        No, it's not up, the attempt to post fails.  But I cleverly saved the text first.

        3:32 AM: Trying again.  Failed.  4:03, trying again.  No, "This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.

Status code: 1-500-11"

        And now it's 5:07, I'll try again . . .

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Google's Motto: Don't Be Evil — UNLESS IT PAYS REALLY WELL!